David Roos

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David Roos is a managing director of Whitestone Realty Capital LLC. He has expertise as a real estate developer and consultant with a strong operational and accounting background.

Dave has spent the past several years in the real estate field, and has facilitated significant transactions in more than 20 states, involving the financing and development of multifamily apartments, historic rehabilitation, elderly housing, single family housing, communication tower facilities, shopping centers, hotels, self storage warehouses, and strip retail centers. He also has extensive experience relative to contract negotiations, lease agreements, construction and ground leasing. He has consulted and developed over $400 million in developments throughout the United States.

Prior to joining Whitestone Realty Capital as a Managing Director, Dave worked for a large development firm, with a primary focus on developing Market Rate, 4% and 9% low-income housing tax credit housing communities throughout the country. He has been a partner in Landwhite Developers LLC for the last 5 years and Landwhite is the developer of the deals indicated below with LW. He is presently lead development partner of two of Whitestone’s projects indicated with WRC below. Landwhite and Whitestone work together on certain projects.

David has been part of the development team or one of the lead developers where indicated below of the following projects:

Senior Housing: 6 projects with 623 units

Market Rate Multi family 3 projects with 480 units

Affordable Multi Family units with Low Income Housing Tax Credits 14 Projects 601 Units

Senior Housing:

127-unit, $27,129,294 Historic Independent Living Facility in Anniston, AL.

64-unit, $9,050,0443 Historic Assisted Living Facility in Anniston, AL-under construction (one of lead developers)

45-unit, $5,735,851, Senior LIHTC development in Lawrence, IN-Stabilized

75-unit, $8,801,219, Senior LIHTC development in Terre Haute, IN-Stabilized

80-unit, $8,498,620 senior LIHTC development in Decatur, IL-Stabilized

Multi Family Housing:

235-unit, $110,500,000 Historic Senior LIHTC development located in Chicago, IL.-under construction (one of lead developers-LW)

130-units, $28,380,169 Historic Rehabilitation development in Kansas City, MO-under construction (one of lead developers-LW)

120-units, $32,450,761, Historic Rehabilitation development in St. Louis, MO-in development stage. (one of lead developers-LW)

240-units, $25,829,496, multi family new construction in Fort Worth, TX-Stabilized

45-units, $5,735,851, family LIHTC development in Bloomington, IN-Stabilized

42-unit, $9,200,000 Historic Rehabilitation in Rock Island, IL-Stabilized

48-unit, $8,275,000, family LIHTC development in Quincy, IL-Stabilized

96-unit, $12,144,885, family LIHTC development in Waterloo, IA-Stabilized

24-unit, $3,200,000, family LIHTC development in Liberal, KS-Stabilized

35-unit, $5,516,205, family LIHTC development in Marion, IN-Stabilized

62-unit, $9,690,230, family LIHTC development in Ames, IA-Stabilized

16-unit, $2,845,850, family LIHTC development in Jackson, MI-Stabilized

40-unit, $6,566,950, family LIHTC development in Detroit, MI-Stabilized

48-unit, $4,217,940, family LIHTC development in Mount Pleasant, MI-Stabilized

50-unit, $6,045,705, family LIHTC development in Ft. Wayne, IN-Stabilized

40-unit, $3,840,841, family LIHTC development in South Bend, IN-Stabilized

50-unit, $7,728,510, family LIHTC development in Charleston, IL-Stabilized

45-unit, $7,081,580 family LIHTC development in Macomb, IL-Stabilized

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